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Guillermo Forchino
The dentist by Forchino

The dentist by Forchino


I am sure Guillermo Forchino must love his dentist to be happy and proud of him after pulling out a moler. Isn't that true, it must be difficult, especially if it's a perfectly healthy one. Signed and numbered piece. Supplied with certificate of authenticity. Available in two sizes.

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The dentist by Forchino

I don't know about you, but me, I think I just don't have tooth ache anymore, although this dentist really inspires confidence, don't you think?
Your dentist is a real torturer, so this is the perfect gift for him. 

  • Signed and numbered piece.
  • Supplied with certificate of authenticity.


Available in two sizes:

  • Ref: FO85515 - Big version: height 40 cm
  • Ref: FO84005 - Small version: height 24 cm


Freeze frame - the dentist caught by Guillermo Forchino:

Paquita Gutiérrez was petrified of the dentist. For days now a tooth was becoming annoyingly painful. At first, she thought it would pass, then she tried all the pain killers available at the pharmacy. After 3 days, she went to see her neighbour Doña Carmen, who had a carming voice. in 5 days, she couldn't bear it anymore and took an appointment with eminent dentist Salomon Mimran, whost excellent professional reputation had spread all over Paris. Paquita, her face misshapen because of the enormous absess, got into the surgery chair, as if it were the electric chair.

« ‘..octor, noo sink it'll hur't? » asked Paquita her speech impaired by inflammation.

« No madam, you won't feel it- lied the docteur- you're in good hands. Now, open up and let's see this rotten molar! ».

« it aleady ohen…  » said madam Gutiérrez

After the fourth injection, the anesthetic began to take effect. She felt like her tongue was a wad of rags. She wanted to say something but she could only make some gurgling sounds. The dentist thought it was going to be easy, but when the second pair of pliers broke in his hands, doubts crept in.

« Relax, everything's fine » the dentist lied a second time as he placed a foot up on the left shoulder of his patient to tug harder. Paquita Gutiérrez regretted not having described her condition beforehand. After 40 minutes' struggle and superhuman effort, the doctor managed to extract the rebelious tooth. He proudly examened it.....and began to feel a cold sweat down the back of his neck.

« Now, open up just a moment… » said the dentist trembling as he realised the tooth he held in his pliers was a perfectly healthy premolar.

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